PENDING SASSA STATUS – Understand Whole Process Updated 2024

“SASSA Status Pending” is a term commonly used in the context of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), which is an organization responsible for distributing social grants to eligible individuals in South Africa. These social grants are designed to provide financial assistance to various groups, including the elderly, disabled, and children from low-income families.

SASSA Status Pending – Reasons & Solution

What Is SASSA Status “PENDING”

When an individual applies for a social grant through SASSA, their application goes through a series of checks and processes to determine eligibility. During this time, the status of the application may be listed as “pending.” This means that the application is still under review and a final decision has not yet been made. You can check SASSA Status and know where your application is lying.

Why SASSA Application has Pending Status

There are several reasons why an application might have a “pending” status:

  • Verification Process: SASSA needs to ensure that the information provided by the applicant is accurate and truthful. This involves verifying personal details, income levels, and other eligibility criteria. The verification process may involve cross-checking data with other government agencies or requiring additional documentation from the applicant, which can take time.
  • High Volume of Applications: During certain periods, such as the beginning of a new fiscal year or after a significant event like a natural disaster, there may be a surge in the number of applications for social grants. This increased volume can overwhelm the processing capacity of SASSA, leading to delays in the review and approval of applications.
  • System Issues: Technical problems, such as server downtime, software glitches, or data entry errors, can hinder the processing of applications. These issues can cause delays in updating the status of applications, resulting in a prolonged “pending” state.
  • Incomplete Applications: If an application is submitted with missing information or without the required supporting documents, it cannot be processed until the deficiencies are rectified. SASSA may place such applications on hold and request the missing details from the applicant, leading to a delay in changing the status from “pending.”

How To Fix Pending Status to Approved

To change your application status from “pending” to “approved,” you can follow these steps:

In Case, if your application is rejected and you think it is unfair, you can appeal SASSA to review the decision. It is followed by a complete process that is explained in our Guide of How to Appeal SASSA against their decision.


It means that your application for a social grant is still under review. SASSA is verifying your information and eligibility before making a decision on approval.

Your application might be pending due to several reasons, such as a high volume of applications, the need for manual verification, checks against multiple databases, incomplete information, or system issues.

To change your status, regularly check for updates, provide any missing information, respond promptly to SASSA queries, follow up if needed, ensure the accuracy of your application, and be patient during the review process.

SASSA checks several databases, including the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) for ID verification, South African Revenue Services (SARS) for income verification, Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) for unemployment benefits, and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for student financial aid.

After verifying your information against multiple databases, SASSA assesses the potential for fraud by analyzing your ID and phone number through a fraud risk scoring system.

Final Words

In conclusion, the “SASSA Status Pending” is a temporary state that indicates an application for a social grant is under review. The duration of this status can vary depending on factors such as the thoroughness of the verification process, the volume of applications being processed, technical issues within the system, and the completeness of the application submitted.

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